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Litter "D" May 07 2018      


female D-4


male D-3


male D2


male D1


Litter "P" December 30 2017      


female Piera Uma Augusta

Piera Uma Augusta
Reserved by Alex from Louisville, KY

female Patricia Lecomte

Patricia Lecomte
Sold to Mark from Richmond, VA

male Persil de L'Oliveur

Persil de L'Oliveur
Sold to Elaine from NC

Litter "BS" September 01 2016      


female SF5

Sold to Heaven from Holly Springs, NC

male SM4

Sold to Zac from Maryland

male SM3


male SM2


male SM1

Sold to George

Litter "N" December 19 2015      


male pup-m3

Sold to Michael from Palmyra, VA

female pup-f3

Sold to Kimberly from Charlotte, NC

female pup-f2

Stay whith us

female pup-f1

Stay whith us

male pup-m1

Sold to Steve from Washington, D.C.

"Available" puppy looking for new home! You can buy a French Bulldogs puppy
"Option" someone is interested in, but deposit is not send and puppy is still available
"Reserved" reservation deposit or full amount is paid for puppy
"Sold" puppy found a loving home
"Stay whith us" we decided (can be not accurately!) to keep puppy at our cattery

Puppies of French Bulldogs for sale

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The purchasing of a puppy of a French Bulldog

For every question concerning the purchasing of French Bulldog younglings just contact us by our

«French Bulldog»: puppies of extraordinary beauty

Whatever can be the aim of your buying a puppy, you are always welcome at �French Bulldog� - the dog kennel of charming Frenchies: you may require puppies for breeding or you may be searching for the family’s favorite pet, or you plan to buy a French Bulldog, that could bring you some success at the expositions! The most significant thing is real love to those subtle charming dogs. Fortunately we are going to assist you in your looking for an exquisite, clever pet – sale of French Bulldog puppies from the best produsers!

As we are responsible for the sold puppies of our funny Frenchies, we possess all the necessary methods of breeding and training the pupps in order to help them to adapt to the house where they are going to live with the new masters:

- Well-educated French Bulldog puppies (from the kennel of French Bulldogs) are used to living together with people, trained not to scratch your walls and other stuff, so your furniture and other belongings won�t suffer from the pupp!

- The selling of the Frenchies� puppies is always accompanied with accompanied with the contract of purchasing because we deal only with the best pedigree dogs the best sense of this word!

French Bulldog puppies purchased at the French Bulldog kennel have all the important items, beginning with the complex and compulsory dog�s vaccinations and, of course, ending with all the appropriate certificates and other documents:

· a veterinary certificate which includes the necessary marks of the made vaccinations;

� a pedigree (in case the puppy is needed for further breeding) or the required metric;

� vet�s documents for the further departure (they are paid by the customer);

� If it is required we would supply you with negative conclusions for the test on the main illnesses (these tests are also paid by the client).

If you make a prepay of 20% of the puppy�s price, you surely can book the French Bulldog puppy. The purchasing of this youngling will be paused tilt the whole expiration of the required reservation time. In case the full time of your reservation is up, but your intentions have gone another way and you have taken the decision not to buy this pet, the whole sum of the prepayment cannot be refunded.

If you live in a distant town or even in another state, but you�d like to get some dog babies from our “French Bulldog kennel”, you shouldn�t worry! We are happy to offer you the delivery (shipping) of the selected puppy at airline or by the courier service (we are going to do our best to find a good courier). Actually, the cost of the distant delivery is not included into the price of the selected pupp. The shipping of domestic pets within the USA that we organise is extraordinary convenient and available! Here you can find shipping facility locations

We are so tenderly keen on our French Bulldog puppies and really hope that after becoming the master of such a wonderful pet, you'll be able to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for it and you will care for the new baby dog with love!

We also offer you picking up the appropriate French Bulldog youngling right at our home in Richmond (VA, USA) or at Washington DC IAD Airport